Discrete Mathematics into K-11 and K-12 Grade Education


Mr. Balaji. N, Dr. Karthik Pai B H
Department of Information Science and Engineering, NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte, Karakala – Taluk, Udupi, Karnataka, India.


Discrete mathematics is one of the significant part of K-11 and K-12 grade college classrooms. In this contribution, we discuss the usefulness of basic elementary, some of the intermediate discrete mathematics for K-11 and K-12 grade colleges. Then we formulate the targets and objectives of this education study. We introduced the discrete mathematics topics such as set theory and their representation, relations, functions, mathematical induction and proof techniques, counting and its underlying principle, probability and its theory and mathematical reasoning. Core of this contribution is proof techniques, counting and mathematical reasoning. Since all these three concepts of discrete mathematics is strongly connected and creates greater impact on students. Moreover, it is potentially useful in their life also out of the college study. We explain the importance, applications in computer science and the comments regarding introduction of such topics in discrete mathematics. Last part of this article provides the theoretical knowledge and practical usability will strengthen the made them understand easily.