Distance Education via Electronic Social Media during COVID-19 Pandemic: The Case of Iraqi Teachers of English


Omar Abid Salih
Master in English language teaching, Directorate  of Education, Anbar, Iraq.


The aim of the study is to identify the extent of using electronic social media in distance education during COVID-19 byteachers.The study is limited to the secondary school teachers of English in Ramadi City ( the center of Anbar province) in Iraq during the academic year 2019-2020. The teachers of English (80) have been intentionally chosen as a sample of study those who are in the researcher’s friends list on Facebook so as to communicate with them online because of corona pandemic and the healthy quarantine.The researcher has constructed a questionnaire as a suitable instrument for gathering information and data consisted of thirty items. It has been drawn from these sources: teachers, relevant literature and those who are specialized in the field of EFT and educational technology. The items have described the extent of using social media in distance education by secondary school teachers to give lectures during corona pandemic in Ramadi city . The selected teachers have been asked to respond on a five–point ranging from 1 to 5 and to indicate their points of view concerning the given items by putting a tick in the appropriate place in front of each item. The researcher has used “T-test” formula for one sample, the mean and standard deviation for analyzing teachers’ responses of the questionnaire items. The results have showed that there is a statistical difference between teachers’ mean and the hypothetical mean and the “T” calculated value has been higher than the “T” tabulated value. They have also showed that there is no a statistical difference between the responses of the male teachers and the female teachers in using social media attributed to the gender. At the end, conclusions have been drawn by the researcher and has written a number of recommendations based on the results.