Drone delivery efficiency, challenges, and potential in Oman during COVID-19


Reem Khamis Al-Ghaithi, Abdelsalam Adam Hamid, Assistant Professor
Logistics and Transport Management Department, International Maritime College Oman.

Zouhaier Slimi
English language, lecturer, Foundation, International Maritime College Oman.


This article provides a unique snapshot of the efficiency of drone delivery services in Oman. The study aims to investigate the performance of drone delivery in Oman during the coronavirus. Therefore, it highlighted the challenges that drone delivery may face in Oman during the COVID-19. One of the significant objectives of conducting this research study is to predict drone delivery services in Oman. The scope of the study’s limits in the drone delivery industry during and post COVID-19 crisis in Oman. This paperwork used a qualitative approach to gather needed data. The researcher conducted semi-structured interviews to collect information from different participants. Findings reveal that Oman is still at the beginning stage of implementing drone delivery services during the coronavirus crisis, requiring a wise mindset, tactical plans, and penitent to grow the drone industry in Oman rapidly. The findings vindicate that Oman did successful experiments for conveying parcels via drones, which is a good prediction for drone appliances in Oman. The results predicted the challenges that drone delivery services may face in Oman: government limitations, technical challenges, privacy challenges, and safety challenges. Therefore, more research in this domain is needed to comprehensively understand better drone delivery services in Oman post the coronavirus era.