Effect of Stress Hormone on Development of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 Disease


Dr . Dina Ayed Mohammed, Ph.D. Clinical Biochemistry
Al-Nisour University College –Baghdad –Iraq.


Subject :Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is most common disease characterized by elevation of serum glucose level due to impair insulin production called type 1 DM or impair cell response to insulin called type 2 DM .Cortisol is the steroid hormone that secretion by adrenal gland and it’s consider as stress hormone , act many important role in humane body such as regulation of immune system and metabolic process . Objective of the Study: Role of cortisol in development of DM type 2 disease. Materials and Methods: This study was done on 30 patients with un-control DM type2 patients and 30 control DM type 2 patients , the all subjects age within this study were more than 50 years of both genders .After obtained serum , immediately used quantity method for measured level of serum cortisol concentration . Results: This study shows elevation of serum cortisol concentration level in uncontrol DM type 2 group compare with control DM type 2 group. Conclusion: This study confirms that serum cortisol concentration level can act as support DM type 2 disease .