Effect of Twist on Tensile Strength of Single and RIB KNIT Fabrics


Mehreen Ijaz
Department of Home Economics, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore, Pakistan.


This study investigates the effect of twist on tensile strength of single and rib knit fabrics. The experimental study involved the production of single and rib knit fabrics using yarns with varying twist levels. The fabrics were manufactured under controlled conditions to ensure consistency. The developed fabrics were evaluated for their tensile strength following standardized test procedure. The results indicated that the twist had a significant influence on the tensile strength of both single and rib knit fabrics. Out of which rib knit was more compact compared with single knit due to its structural stability. The findings suggest that higher twist levels enhance the ability of yarns to interlock and improves the resistance against breakage. The research contributes to the knowledge of fabric engineering and provides recommendations for manufacturing knitted materials with enhanced strength characteristics.