Emotionally Intelligent Chatbot


B.E (Computer Engineering), Shubham Kokane, Shreeyash Khalate, Shreya Newale, Sakshi Dubewar, Jameer Kotwal, Assistant Professor
Pimpri Chinchwad College Of Engineering And Research, Ravet, Pune, Maharashtra, India.


An emotionally intelligent chatbot system aims to make an effective conversation between humans and machines in as natural and interactive a manner as possible. The chatbot agent has the pre-embedded knowledge base to identify the sentences, intents, entities, and context of the input query to be precise for making a valid, predictable decision itself as a self-generated response to answer the query. The present technical project consists of developing an intelligent system for college enquiry purposes using a web-based chatbot agent, through machine learning, query processing, and sentiment and emotion classification system to analyze the sentiment of the visitor towards the college. Emotionally Intelligent College Enquiry Chatbot System is nothing but a chatbot to understand the user queries and respond to them during a conversation. A chatbot can actively help humans to involve in a digital automated conversation with a machine or a system effective. In the following proposed system, feature extraction and data cleaning techniques are applied to the dataset, and classifiers such as multinomial naive Bayes, logistic regression and k nearest neighbours are used to train the model. The classifier with the highest accuracy is further used for the emotion classification of users.