Employing The Privacy of The Companions in The Service of The Nation’s General Legislation(Personal Status as A Model)


M.D. Moaz Abdul-Alim Abdul Rahman Al-Saadi
Department of Jurisprudence and its Foundations, College of Islamic Sciences, Anbar University, Iraq.


Praise be to Allah, and blessings and peace be upon our prophet Muhammad,his family, companions, and those who follow him. To the sectionnow, it is understood that the legal legislations are set to work with except people how are exempted according to a legitimate reason. As an exception is for those with who are not able to fast, this exception included the gender of the excluded and not a specific person. However, some exceptions for only specific people for themselves and not others. These exceptions are made by Prophet Mohammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, as no one after him can be exempt from these legislations. The reason for writing this research is to show the extent to which specificities are employed in the service of the nation’s general legislation (personal status as a model). The previous research is entitled: employ the specifics of the Companions in public service legislation for not Meh (worship a model. The exception means what is going stop doing one or some legislations or temporary measures as well as exempting some individuals or places to be applied to them, or intended to overthrow the legitimate application of the provision in the right sample of individuals or samples of cases. Some of these exceptions come from an incoming reversal of the laws of measurement, it is not permissible for others to be measured with, by proving such a ruling to others due to a common cause between them, because of the existence of special legislative considerations for them, so other than these legislations are not measured against them, because they are mentioned contrary to the fixed general rules In canon.