Enhancing Customer Satisfaction In Banking Sector By Overcoming Web Challenges through Application of E-Commerce


Dr.A.K.VAGEETHA ABDUL KHADER, Assistant Professor,
Rathnavel Subramaniam College of Arts & Science, Sulur,Coimbatore-641402, Tamilnadu.


Great many improvements in many sectors have gone web-based in the beyond five years, having understood the significance of the Web for the trade and dispersion of data. With the E commerce ascent in internet business exercises over the Web.The ensuing decrease being developed throughout the course of recent years without advanced options, thus advancement associations might have the option to take advantage of this new business methodology to counterbalance their working expenses. Most sectors are embracing "E commerce," for the purpose of extending markets, further developing client assistance, decreasing expenses, and improving efficiency. Banking sectors is booming,banks are doing whatever it takes to extend the utilization of systems administration innovation in their business activities. For these foundations, nonetheless, the appearance of electronic business suggests conversation starters as well as any open doors. Will the job of banks in online business fundamentally reflect their part in customary trade? Or on the other hand will banks offer new items that will change the idea of the financial business as internet business grows? What dangers could go with such a change in banks' conventional business? The objective of this paper focuses on Overview of E-commerce security, understand the online Shopping steps to place an order, understand the purpose of Security in E-commerce and discuss the different security issues in E-commerce. It also investigates the potential ramifications of web based business for banks' business exercises and operating paths of banks', utilizing online business, with a glance at the vital and functional modes.