Evaluate AODV to DSR and Improving AODV


Geetika Dhand, Kavita Sheoran
Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology, Delhi, India.


Networking is the core for computer science technology and it is incomplete without the presence of various routing protocols present, which help in data transfer throughout the vast network of millions of computers present globally.A group of wireless mobile nodes that dynamically form a short-lived network which doesn’t use any established network infrastructure or centralized administration could be an ad hoc network. Depending upon various factors different protocols behave differently under various conditions, which is the reason for creation of this project. The project aims at comparing two ad hoc routing protocols i.e. “AODV (Ad-hoc on-demand distance vector) Routing and DSR (Dynamic Source Routing)”. The two protocols being compared are used extensively as ‘On demand routing protocols’ for transfer of data. Our main focus will be on the further improvement of AODV protocol using the local link repair mechanism.The comparison will be performed under the controlled conditions monitored by the ‘Network Simulator-2’. It provides a perfectenvironment and appropriate set of tools for this kind of analysis.Various factors will be used for the comparison benchmark such as throughput, end to end delay, normalised routing load and packet delivery ratio.Also we will consider the cases for both static and dynamic networks and offer improvements on our behalf for the AODV protocol.