Evaluation of the Present Business Model that Exists Between France and India in Reference to the Context of Medical Tourism and Suggesting a New Business Model that is More Optimal, Profitable and Effective


Mohamed Musthafa Abdul Majeed
MSC-International Management Paris School of Business, paris.


Corona virus has created a heavy impact on how the planet operates. Most of the significant sectors that contributed to the economy came to stand still. It is not a great time to think of tourism. But healthcare is something which every human being deserves and one should not be deprived of it just because he resides outside the specified boundary. Now is the time for the governments to restore their credibility. The need of hour is good and standard healthcare. Even after the pandemic is over, the need for a quality healthcare is something that will exist. However, owing to the huge waiting time, cost related and other pragmatic issues, even developed countries like the UK, USA and France cannot provide the healthcare service to their citizens in time. The cost of private healthcare in such countries is very high. As a result, patients from such developed countries look for obtaining the treatment from developing countries like India. The governments understood the scenario and their spectacular management of the demand paved way for empowering their own medical tourism sector. The study is an attempt to understand the trade cycle between the consumers of medical tourism, in this case France and the suppliers, the Indian medical tourism healthcare. By obtaining information regarding the issues in the existing business model, the study has understood the areas of friction in the present model. Considering the urgency of the present situation, only the elements that needed radical measures were highlighted and possible alternate solutions were suggested to be incorporated in the new business model of medical tourism, which will be more effective, profitable and sustainable.