Experiment Investigation On Concrete With Partial Replacement Of Cement By Cow Dung Ash


Mr. Venkatesan.G, Assistant professor, Poovadharani.R, Neerkamali. L
Civil Engineering Department Saranathan College of Engineering Tiruchirapalli, India.


Experimental investigations were carried out to study the cow dung ash on the strength of concrete. Cement was partially replaced with four percentages (5%, 10%, 15%, 20%) of cow dung ash by weight in M20 grade concrete mix. Test performed on the concrete mix are compressive strength, splitting tensile strength and workability. The compressive strengths of the concrete specimens were determined at 7 and 28 days respectively. The tests were performed on the moulds of size (150mm x150mm x150mm).Workability test is done using compaction factor apparatus. Workability Test shows that workability of concrete decreases as percentage of cow dung ash increases in concrete mix. When compared to normal concrete the concrete containing 10% of CDA has 17% increase in compressive strength and 15% increase in Tensile Strength. The Compressive Strength and Tensile strength tends to decrease after 10%. Thus 10% replacement of cement by CDA gives satisfactory result.