Extraction of Gingerol from Ginger Rhizome Using Co-Solvent Method and Its Antimicrobial Activity against Biofilm Forming Pathogens


N.Gunasheela, M.Meenakshi, Sabina


Medicinal plants include a various types of plants used in herbalism and some of these plants have a medicinal activities .These medicinal plants consider a rich resources of ingredients, which can be used in drug development and synthesis. Moreover, some plants consider as important sources of nutrition and as result of that, these plants recommended for their therapeutic values.The Zingeber officinale or ginger, used as traditional medicine over 2500 years. It has been found to possess a number of pharmachological properties including antimicrobial. The following study was conducted to investigate the antibacterial properties of ginger on foodborne pathogens, which are S.aureus, B.cereus, E.coli and S.typhimurium. In the present study, the bioactive compounds from Zingiber officinale and Curcuma armada was extracted the Total phenol and Anti-inflammatory activities were studied. The application of ginger as coating agent on raw chicken on sample and the Shelf Life analysis was calculated and found to be good preservative agent.