Fabrication and Mechanical Characterization of Aluminium 7075 Reinforced with Nano Graphene / B4C / Inconel alloy 625 using Ultrasonic Stir Casting Method


M.Thayumanavan, Research scholar
Dr.M.G.R educational and research institute, Chennai, India.
K.R Vijaya Kumar, Professor
Dr.M.G.R educational and research institute, Chennai, India.


Aluminium 7075 widely used in aerospace and defence applications. At the present time, hybrid composite material utility is refining in all engineering areas as a result of high strength /weight ratio, good corrosive and wear resistance. In this research work deals with the fabricating of hybrid metal matrix composite of aluminium 7075 as base metal reinforced by varying weight percentage of Nano graphene (0.5,1,1.5,2) , B4C (2,4,6,8,) and Inconel alloy 625 (2,4,6,8). This boron carbide, Inconel alloy 625 particles having particle size of 50μm. The hybrid aluminium composite material fabricated utilizing liquid metallurgy ultrasonic stir casting method. Tension test, compression test, hardness test and flexural test were conducted to determine mechanical properties of the hybrid composite material. Morphology of the hybrid metal matrix composite were analysed by using SEM.