Facile synthesis of ultrafine CeO 2 nanoparticles by the thermal treatment of [Ce(DNPH) 2 (HSA) 2 ]


M. Hemalatha, S. Sivagami, K. Kalpanadevi
PG and Research Department of Chemistry, Kongunadu Arts and Science College, Coimbatore, India.


Ultrafine CeO 2 nanoparticles obtained from the inorganic cerium complex [Ce(DNPH) 2 (HSA) 2 ], have been subjected to structural and morphological evaluation, which has revealed interesting results. [Ce(DNPH) 2 (HSA) 2 ], prepared using the combination of 1-hexane sulphonic acid (HSA) and 2,4 dinitrophenyl hydrazine (DNPH), which acts as the ligand, has yielded the desired CeO 2 nanoparticles on thermal decomposition. These particles have been characterized using SEM, XRD and EDX techniques.