Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction Towards E-commerce Platforms


Sneha Shailendra Bhalerao
Balaji Institute of Modern Management Sri Balaji Society, Maharashtra, India.


In this era of digitalization, people are doing their work online whether it is buying any clothes from the best E-commerce platforms or to study any course to gain more knowledge. It is because shopping online is more time saving for them as well as more varieties are visible to their eyes. Shopping through the internet or e-commerce platforms becomes an important part of customers’ life as it is more convenient and comfortable than actually visiting a shop with all the crowd, traffic surrounded by us, and having limited time in the busy schedule of people. This research is to study the factors affecting customer satisfaction towards e-commerce platforms. The paper studies three such factors that drive customer satisfaction towards e-commerce platforms. The first factor is E-service quality which includes four further dimensions of it as website design, customer service, security/privacy, fulfillment. The second is shopping experience and the third one is price affecting customer satisfaction towards e-commerce platforms. This research was done by a survey method by distributing questionnaires to 209 respondents among students. The data collected has been analyzed using different tools like Excel and SPSS. The research finds that only two factors which are price and E-service quality have a significant impact on customer satisfaction while shopping through E- commerce platforms. The research also finds that Amazon is the most preferred platform by the customers.