Failure Modes Of Cold Formed Steel Angle Sections


Dr.A.Paulmakesh, Associate professor, Gizachew Markos Makebo, Head
department of civil Engineering, Wolaita Sodo University, Ethiopia.


Tension members consisting of single and double angles, single channels and similar sections are frequently used for lateral bracing and as truss elements. Such members normally have eccentric connections which results in bending of tension member. It is often permitted, by current design specifications, to neglect this eccentricity in the design of the member. The present study is focus on mode of failure on cold formed steel angle. This analysis carries single angles and double angles sections of 2mm under plain (without Lipped) and with Lipped conditions subjected to tension. Analyses were carried out for thirty-six numbers of angle sections under condition such as double angle were connected same side to gusset plate and connected to opposite side. Figure shows connection failure and mode of failure. Local buckling, global buckling, tearing failure, net section failure, and block shear failure.