Faults Finding Analyzer of Web Applications


Dr. Santaji Krishna Shinde, Professor
Vidya Pratishthan’s Kamalnayan Bajaj Institute of Engg. & Technology, Baramati, Dist. Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Mr. R. M. MORE, Lecturer
Shree Datta Polytechnic, Shirol, Kolhapur, India.


Web text and dynamically generated web pages contains common errors, and they seriously affect the usability of Web applications. Current tools to webpage validation cannot manage the dynamically created pages that are ever-present in today’s Internet. The proposed tool takes source code files as information sources. It removes HTML, ASP tags and logic codes from extracted files. Then the proposed tool discovers HTML faults and execution faults from these extracted files. The method used to make test cases automatically runs the tests taking constraints from the resource database on inputs and reduces the requirements on inputs to failing tests so that the resulting defect reports are small and important in finding the faults. Our proposed tool implements the technique for Web technologies such as PHP, C#, ASP.net. The tool makes test inputs for a Web application, controls the application for crashes, and confirms that the output conforms to the HTML specification. The proposed tool is to act as a testing tool to find faults from all LOC (line-of-code) in web applications. Comparatively more advanced tools find faults during the rendering process, so it uses line coverage so less as compared to the proposed tool.