Features of Modern Sufi Intuition In The Poetry of Salah Faiq


Dr. Ibrahim Khalil Ajmi, Assistant Professor
Department of Arabic language, Anbar University College of Arts, Iraq.


There is no suspicion the Sufism shaped a large aspect of the Arab heritage in general and poetic in particular, and it was not just a poetic phenomenon that floats at some point in time on the surface of the literary text. Then, after a short time, its light fades and disappears from existence. Therefore, the concept of Sufism has taken a large space. In the space of the old and modern poem, until it became referred to and-so text that it is (a mystical text – with a mystical tendency). However, the ancient poetic mysticism took its own turn that made it closed to itself carrying certain qualities and advantages that remained constant for centuries without anyone trying to change them. However, the development of the poetic text and its modernization imposed on many poetic concepts that modernization process, especially the concept of Sufism, and accordingly it came the manifestations of the modern and contemporary poetic text carrying a new mysticism of a new type that differs greatly from the old poetic mysticism, so it came carrying that new mystical intuition through which the poet tried to present a new image of Sufism new it added to the contemporary poem features that gave it a new poetic form, and this is what the poet Salah Faiq used in his contemporary poetic texts, and this is what this research tries to uncover as the poet tried through his experimental poetic means. He want to discover modern Sufi poetic method that differs somewhat from the classical method, and the poet took Sufism as a tool with multiple purposes in order to achieve many poetic goals behind it, so Faiq’s Sufism was like a mask as one of those purposes releasing what he wanted from his hidden sounds and after Sufism was a science that examines the education of the soul, its purification and purification at the time of its emergence (in the past) tomorrow (recently) a form of myths of proof and nonsense that no authority can boast about in science,That what can call contemporary Sufism.