Formulation and Evaluation of Herbal Shampoo: A Comparative Study By DoE/QbD Approach


Nikita R.Nikam, Yogita M. Kolekar
Adarsh College of Pharmacy, Vita, Tal- Khanapur, Dist- Sangli, Maharashtra,
Department of Statistics, Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Maharashtra


Some ancient medications were used to make the hair care herbal shampoo powder. Organoglytics, powder characteristics, foam test, and physical evaluation were performed on Tulsi, Shikakai, Heena, Bahera, Amla, Neem, and Brahmi. Existing inspections will assist set standards and assessment criteria, which will undoubtedly aid to standardise the quality and purity of these herbal powder shampoos, due to the selection of drugs once the drugs are used together or jointly. We optimise the formula with the help of the Design of Experiments as per the Quality by Design approach. This paper illustrates broad theoretical as well as practical view of advanced screening design. In addition to the statistical concept‟s regression analysis, parato chart, residual diagnosis, main effect plot, interaction effect plot, design space and multiple response prediction.