Formulation and Evaluation of Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks From Waste Herbal Material:


Dr. Yelmate A.A., Dr. Satpute K.L, Ms. Dudhe dishani, Ms. Rutuja deshmukh
Dayanand College of Pharmacy, Latur, Maharashtra, India.


Currently the use of synthetic mosquito repellent chemicals has several issues related to environment and human health. This project was formulated and developed to have safer mosquito repellent free from carcinogenic chemicals and are significantly cheaper and simple to develop. Dried powdered herbs like neem, pyrethrum flower head, camphor, starch, neem leaves were used to make mosquito repellent formulation. The powdered blend was mixed with binders and additives like charcoal powder. The solid formulation was rolled in the form of incense sticks. Further to add value, it was later scented with essential oil like lemongrass oil and dried. The incense sticks when ignited releases vapours with a pleasant fragrance and herbs which repels the mosquitoes. The incense sticks were tested for its potency by burning near the mosquito net cage with sufficient mosquitoes. The sticks also distributed to random peoples for feedback and were deemed to be very effective in controlling the mosquitos.