Formulation Development And Evaluation Of Immediate Release Tablets Of Anti-Malarial Drug For Effective Management Of Malaria.


Sanket T. Netke, Dr. Santosh Tarke, Dr. Gitanjali Chavan, Mr. Vishal Sakhare, Mrs. Ashwini Gholkar
Department of Pharmaceutics, SBSPMs College of Pharmacy, Ambajogai, Beed, Maharashtra, India.


A quinoline called hydroxychloroquine sulfate, or HCQ, is used to treat and prevent rheumatoid arthritis, lumpus erythematosus, and simple malaria. HCQ is a weight-based treatment option for pediatric and adolescent patients for each indication; however, there isn't a pediatric medication that is specifically designed for this market. It is possible to combine a pediatric taste-masking system with an adult immediate-release formulation to make it possible to make a palatable suspension with water using standard excipients. An ion-pairing system that is somewhat buffered has been shown to dramatically lessen the bitterness of HCQ, according to preliminary study. Since HCQ is a medication classified as Class 1 in the Biopharmaceutics Classification System, adding taste-masking and suspending substance to an adult tablet formulation would not change the pharmacokinetics of the adult immediate-release formulation.