Formulation of Atovaquone Syrup by Hydrotropy Method


Dr. Kranti L. Satpute, Asst. Professor
SVERI College of pharmacy, Pandharpur.
Rahul S. Waghmare
Dept. of Pharmaceutics, Dayanand College of Pharmacy, Latur Maharashtra, India.
Vijay R. Chakote
Dept. of Pharmaceutics, SVERI College of Pharmacy, Pandharpur Maharashtra, India.
Hemant B. Bansode
Dept. of Pharmaceutics, Dattakala College of Pharmacy, Bhigwan Maharashtra, India.


The aim of the present research study was to explore the possibility of employing Hydrotropy techniques in the formulation and evaluation of aqueous oral liquid formulation of a poorly water soluble drug Atovaquone. In the present study practically insoluble drug Atovaquone was tried to solubilize by employing the combination of physiologically compatible hydrotrope and solubilizer agents i.e. solubilizer to attempt its oral liquid formulations. Hydrotropy is a solubilisation process whereby addition of a large amount of second solute results in an increase in the aqueous solubility of another solute. Hydrotropy method help to improve aqueous solubility of Atovaquone drug having very low aq. Solubility i.e.0.2μg/ml.Inthis method Atovaquone was solubilized up to 4680.95 mg/ml (increase in solubility).As there is no liquid formulation of Atovaquone available in the market. Atovaquone syrup is useful for the pediatric as well as geriatric to improve patient compliance. Hydrotropy approach used to improve the solubility of Atovaquone by using Sodium benzoates a solubilizer. The prepared syrup formulation was subjected to physical stability testing programmed as per ICH conditions at for a period of 60 days. The results showed that the formulations were unaffected in respect of color stability and precipitation on storage at room temperature & 75% RH