Formulation of Fermented Probiotic Punica Granatum Juice and Its Activity against GIT Infection Causing Organisms


N.Kavidharshini, M.Nivethitha, S.P.Nadhin, C.Meena, S.Sowmiya, R.V.Jansirani, P.Sowbagiya
Under Graduate, PG & Research Department of Microbiology Dr.N.G.P. Arts and Science College, Coimbatore-641 048.


In this study, production of probiotic pomegranate juice through its fermentation by lactic acid bacteria was determined. The pomegranate juice was fermented with Lactobacillus sps isolated from curd using MRS medium. Biochemical tests were done to confirm that the isolated organism belongs to Lactobacillus sps. Viable cell was determined by the standard plate count method using MRS medium. Culture capable of forming 1.3×10 7 CFU/mL was inoculated into the juice and left undisturbed for the process of fermentation to occur. Fermentation was carried out at 27 o C for 48 hours. The nutrient content (carbohydrate, protein, iron content, vitamin C) of the fermented pomegranate juice was measured and compared with fresh pomegranate juice and there was a significant increase in the nutritional value .The antimicrobial activity of the juice was also observed against gastrointestinal tract (GIT) infections. Citric acid as a major organic acid in pomegranate juice was significantly consumed by all probiotic lactic acid bacteria, thus Pomegranate juice was proved to be a suitable media for production of a fermented probiotic drink, especially as a probiotic supplement for vegans.