Full Body Sanitizing Tunnel To Tackle Covid-19


Keshav Kumar Jha
 Department of Mechanical Engineering, KCC Institute of Technology and Management, Gr. Noida, India.


As we know the deadly Coronavirus is spreading very fastly across the world it’s almost around 12 months gone but still, there is lack of vaccine manufacturer in India , the only way to stay protect and safe is in the form of taking precautions which may be in the terms of wearing PPE’s, masks, hand gloves, washing/sanitizing hands at regular interval and maintaining social distancing. The impact of Coronavirus is very deadly so precaution is very necessary. At the very early stage, the Govt. realized the threat by Coronavirus and implemented a nationwide lockdown which led to a drastic decrease in the chance of community spread. And we all experienced the lockdown and now we are in the second phase of deadly coronavirus and lockdown all over but country can’t be in lockdown forever otherwise it’s economy will be hit badly. So, in Unlock 1.O in first phase all the businesses and shops opened increasing the chance of spread of corona. So, first, all these shops were using sanitizers for the customer to disinfect themselves. In the rouse of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the dangers of cross-contamination remain soaring high. The odds are especially high with asymptomatic patients who are capable of dispersion of the contagion, even though they might not experience any deadly symptoms of the disease. The Novel Coronavirus is known to stay lively on lifeless surfaces for a prolonged period. Thus, the need of the hour is to introduce machines that would capably eliminate the virus and encumber the rapid spread of it. the “Full Body Sanitizing Machine” – a Personnel Sanitization Enclosure (PSE) that can efficiently eradicate the risks of infection and infection in high traffic areas. Now, we can take the customer disinfection process a notch above by Full Body Sanitizing Machine which can be constructed very easily and is also very cheap to construct. It is a Door and tunnel kind, in which 2 sides bounded with the S.S. sheet and the extra 2 edges are exposed for entry and exit purposes and it can also be walled with plastic sheets. When human arrives in the tunnel or machine, at that time the sensor, which is placed at top centre and senses human body and gives output to the motor and motor gets activated and the whole system triggers and all 8-10 sprayers get triggered and starts to spray towards the centre of the tunnel and all 8-10 sprayers spray on the human body and it will routinely stop after 10-15 seconds. Because 10-15 seconds is enough for Sanitization. When Sprayer stops then humans can leave from the front side means the exit side. So, this machine can sanitize 4-5 humans in a minute and 250-300 humans in an hour.This could be manufactured both in the Tunnel form as well as in a single frame. But the tunnel is most effective because it will concentrate the spray on the human and in the frame design the spray will not work effectively due to wind or any other reason. So, this report focusses on the development and analysis of these types of tunnels as the time progresses in the pandemic of coronavirus without any effective vaccine these things are going to be in great demand.