Growth and Factors Affecting the Uses of e-banking Services in India


Dr. Jivan Biradar, Assistant Professor (Economics)
School of Commerce, Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University.


The banking sectors and bankers have started using advanced technology to deliver banking services. In the e-banking, banks are using modern technology for banking activities and operations to provide good quality of services to their customers. This study is based on primary as well as secondary data. A five-point likert scale was used as a quantitative measure to understand consumer’s perception and factor affecting uses of e-banking services. The study found that, the uses of e-banking services like mobile banking, credit card facility and internet banking services are becoming popular in recent period and the comfortable level is higher with the ATM and debit card facility whereas customers are not comfortable while using internet banking services. The major reasons for less use of e-banking services are connectivity problem, less number of ATMs and ignorance of staff members. So, there is a need to increase infrastructure facilities and financial institutions should take initiatives for staff training and awareness related activities to increase uses of e-banking services.