House Price Prediction using Machine learning and Image Processing


Students, Jeevan chougale, Abhishek Shinde, Ninad Deshmukh, Dhananjay Sawant, Vaishali Latke, Assistant Professor
Computer Engineering, University of Pune, Maharashtra India.


We demonstrate that these urban features can be recorded by street views and satellite image data and enhance the estimate of house prices. In order to estimate house prices in London, UK, we recommend a pipeline that uses a deep neural network model to automatically extract visual features from images. In calculating the house price model, we use typical housing characteristics, such as age, size, and accessibility, as well as visual features from Google Street View images and Bing aerial pictures. We see promising outcomes where learning to describe a neighborhood’s urban efficiency facilitates the estimation of house prices, even when generalizing to previously unseen London boroughs. We discuss the use of non-linear vs. linear approaches to combine these signals with traditional house pricing models and explain how the interpretability of linear models helps one to specifically derive the visual desirability of neighborhoods as proxy variables that are both of importance in their own right and can be used as inputs to other econometric methods. This is particularly useful as it can be extended elsewhere after the network has been trained with the training data, enabling us to produce vivid complex maps of the desirability of London streets.