Hydromagnetic Impermanence of Rotating Visco-Elastic Rivlin-Ericksen Nanofluid Layer Heated from Below


Sudhir Kumar pundir, Deepak kapil, Rimple pundir
Department of Mathematics (P.G) College, Muzaffar nagar, U.P., India.


Hydromagnetic impermanence of rotating visco-elastic Rivlin-Ericksen nanofluid layer heat from below is observed for more realistic boundary conditions. By applying Perturbation method, Normal mode technique, the dispersion relation has been derived. The impressions of the different physical parameters of the system namely Lewis number, modified diffusivity ratio, nano particle Rayleigh number, magnetic field and rotation on the stationary deportation have been investigated both analytically and graphically. The Lewis number, modified diffusivity ratio and nano particle Rayleigh number and rotation are found to have destabilizing impression, whereas magnetic field has a stabilizing impression for stationary deportation.