Identifying The Frequency And Voltage Level At The Grid Connected Synchronization Failure


Babu Naik G, Shilpa G, Ozwin Dominic D’souza, Manjunatha Babu P
BMS Institute of Technology & Management, Department of EEE, Bangalore, India.


This paper is prepared to the system that sensing the abnormalities conditions of frequency and voltage from the external supply source to the power grid and detects the synchronization failure at any sudden change in the supply to grid connected system. There are many power generating units which will be connected to the grid level synchronization. For any irregularity of the voltages or frequency in the given limits to the grid, it is mandatory that feeder should be automatically detached from the grid side which gives the results as Islanding state. This may hazards to the large systems of cause the injury of grid system. To avoid these hazards condition before operating the grid connected system, better to keep one alarm to improve the grid synchronization failure an alternative arrangements can be reserved standby to avoid whole system.