Image encryption using Wolf Optimizer and DNA encoding.


ME Student,NITTTR, Chandigarh.

Maitreyee Dutta
Head of Department (CSE), NITTTR, Chandigarh.


The utilization of chaotic mixing expands the security of the proposed strategy and in the host image, it offers an extra feature of undetectable encryption of the image proprietor logo. The results based on the coding of an image are determined from the real size of an image and with an encoded file, are equivalent to the outcomes acquired through considerably more refined and computationally compound techniques. Furthermore, the calculation based on the algorithm has been applied to the image multiplexing scenario so as to get an upgraded level of security alongside compression. At this point, a single layer of encryption includes the mechanism of bit plane mixing. Compressed and Encrypted image is applied to concealing algorithms. The proposed method uses DNA encoding via optimizing the scrambled blocks and pixels. In the proposed approach scrambling process, scrambling mixes the pixels values randomly and increases the security but it’s not improved the image quality parameters for that optimize the scrambling process by the optimizer. The final encrypted image is obtained by repeating the preceding steps once more with GWO optimized block and pixel-wise secret keys. Both security assessments and computer simulations support the proposed scheme’s feasibility. Because of its low entropy and high PSNR, it is well suited for real-time and stable image applications.