Impact of Covid-19 Lockdown on E-Learning Websites/Applications with Special Reference to Mba Colleges in Pune


Kamran Ashfaq Aarif, MBA Student, Dr Binod Sinha, Professor of Marketing, Dr Vimal Bhatt, Professor of Marketing
Balaji Institute of Modern Management, Sri Balaji University, Pune, India.


THE COVID-19 not only stopped the operation of non-essential services but also halted the education system throughout the world, Colleges, Schools across India were shut down to contain the spread of the virus. Now there was an immediate need to respond to this situation and colleges, schools and coaching centers throughout India and the world started moving online for conducting classes, giving homework and assignments to the students, thereby not stopping the learning. The purpose of the research is to investigate the closure of schools, colleges due to COVID-19 and its impact on online websites, certification courses. As the only option to stay connected and keep learning was to use the internet and put its resources to the best use as learning is a continuous process and one cannot stay away from it for too long else they would be left out. Both Primary and Secondary research sources would be used to collect relevant information throughout the research, Primary research were taken from Questionnaire,Surveys and Interviews while secondary sources articles, previous research papers, newspapers etc. It was found that students found online learning necessary during the lockdown and that there was a significant relationship between closure of colleges and schools during lockdown and increase in online course takers