Impact of Covid-19 on Changing Food Habits by the Students in Pune


Harsh Badlani, MBA(Marketing)
Balaji Institute of Modern Management, Pune, Maharashtra, India.


Covid-19 is having a significant impact on the food habits of students, especially as concerns about Covid-19 are wide-ranging and covering both health and financial worries. Students want to maximize their health to boost their immunity and reduce vulnerability to disease and illness. Students need to stay safe and eat food that is rich in nutrients. There are a lot of national and international organizations that are helping the students and people at large to supply food baskets/packages which contain a proper meal for that time or the day. It is also essential to follow the guidelines issued by international bodies like WHO, WFP, and FAO. The presented study is conducted to describe the changing food habits in association with the students in Pune. It is based on parameters like nutritional diet, healthy food, hygienic food, and improving immunity. More parameters can be added, as the research study continues which will give a much broader perspective to the research. A sample is taken from the students in Pune for testing the hypothesis defined and answering the questionnaire. Finally, several recommendations are made and conclusions have been drawn, the data is analysed using Tableau and SPSS.