Impact of COVID-19 on The Business Side (Revenue) of Football


Sagar Dhar
Sri Balaji University, Pune, Maharashtra, India.


We all know why football is considered as one of the best sports in the world, and what it has in show for us. It simply isn’t called ‘The Beautiful Game’ just like that. It has a lot to offer, both for the fans to enjoy the game; as well as for the ones looking for different kinds of opportunities in this type of sports industry. In today’s age, football is much more than just a mere sport; it is also providing a business platform for many other businesses, sponsors, investors, etc who are out their looking for something out of this game. The recent pandemic has caused a lot of disruption in the football world, especially in Europe where from a business point of view, a huge amount of losses have been incurred because of the temporary suspension of the fixtures and also other factors causing these losses like media rights, ticket sales, etc. The Football Associations of the major leagues in Europe are trying to get things back on track by resuming the season and quickly finishing off with the remaining fixtures. The purpose of this research is to understand the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the football world and what counter measures have been taken by the respective governing bodies to help recover some chunks of the revenue that had been lost earlier. This report will basically do an in-depth analysis of whether the measures taken by the governing bodies are really effective or not. The research design will consist of use of only secondary data. The secondary data will be collected from various websites and published reports. Based on the information collected, we’ll analyze the data present in hand, and accordingly present the statistical visual results for the same. After interpreting the statistical results, we’ve come to the conclusion that overall, the European football market has suffered hugely due to the ongoing pandemic and the governing bodies have done everything possible so as to restart and finish the football season of 2019/20 and also to recover what it could by taking the necessary steps, in accordance with the regulations provided by the governments of the respective nations as well as by UEFA and FIFA.