Impact of Irrigation on Agricultural Marketing Productivity in Solapur District


Punam Bhoyar
Sri Balaji University Pune, Maharashtra, India.


Agriculture in India has directly or indirectly proceed to be the root of the income to majority of the population. Indian agriculture has been seen a lot of changes in its structure. various kinds of tools and techniques are used in the farm to increase productivity. one of the technique is irrigation which helps to grow agricultural crops ,maintain landscapes and revegetate. Now a days advance techniques are used for all this .one of them is agricultural marketing it covers the services involved in moving an agricultural product from the farm to the customer. These sevices involve the planning, organizing ,directing and handling of agricultural in such a way as to satisfy farmers, intermediaries and customers. The main purpose of this study is to get an idea about what is the impact of irrigation on agricultural marketing productivity in solapur district and to analyze that how much people aware about agricultural marketing and new advanced technologies which are used now a days .with doing this research we will get an clear idea about it and which helps me in my research. The present study brings out past and present scenario of agricultural marketing, its challenges and future recommendations.