Impact of music therapy treatment on brain structure in early stages of Alzheimer’s disease


Amisha Gupta, Student researcher of Biopsychology
Laureate certified Student Researcher Davidson Young Scholar.


Aim:The Object of this research is to exhibit the potency and advantage of music therapy for Keepers and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) people. Methods: From 2020 to 2021, a research group scrutinized and investigated 32 persons with Alzheimer’s Disease (ICD-10) medicated by general practitioners, music psychotherapists and neurologists through MMSE. The musical brain analysis with medical results of the patients was estimated and also the response of the tutors and the Patients of Alzheimer’s were Noted. In Family or Personal Sessions, musical instruments were added. The MMSE was used for the patient’s Evaluation Purpose. Under Neurologist’s Supervision, the examination was re-conducted every six months. Finally, 31 patients withAlzheimer’s Medication were Observed And calculated.