Impact of pandemic on e-commerce industry


Anushree Darak, Dr. Samala Nagaraj (Coordinator)
Woxsen University.


As the E-commerce industry is growing tremendously in the global market. The cheap 4G internet packages in India obviously gives a push to these industries. So, as COVID-19 first hit in India, people got scared to go out from their homes because, in their mind, it’s a fear of coronavirus. They even hesitate to go out to buy essential (FMCG) goods. Panic buying also has seen and to avoid this fear of COVID-19, people are giving preferences to the E-Commerce sites to buy essential goods and some customers are new which signed up to buy essential goods during this Pandemic Lockdown period. Many customers are shifting their buying behavior from offline retail stores to online stores. In this questionnaire collected from 153 respondents, some of them are old customers which used to buy some of their essential (FMCG) goods online and some of them are new users. This whole paper shows and puts light on how consumer behavior has changed and they are shifting towards E-Commerce.