Impacts Of Environment On Building Construction Projects On Woliata Sodo Town


Wudnesh Honja Angeloa, Lecturer
department of civil Engineering, Wolaita Sodo University, Ethiopia.


The environmental impacts have become a series of problems in today’s construction environments. Environmental conditions can have an adverse impact on the duration, cost, and quality of construction activities. This study is conducted to describe and point out the impact of the environment on building construction projects in sodo town. The contractor can estimate the Productivity loss due to the impact of environment on construction activity can be either partial or complete: partial loss is generally attributed to reduced labor productivity and work stoppage which interrupt those activities. This study organized by using questioners. The research basically focused on identifying and quantifying different environmental impacts that can affect the construction progresses. As the research result the escalation of construction material price, the availability of construction materials around the area and the involvement of different construction parties and the climatic condition of the environments are the main findings that we have got from our analysis. Generally, this research guides to meet future demands for sustainable environmental development, economic development, expansion of different construction infrastructure for sodo town. Many contractors found in this area fall over different environmental challenges. So to overcome these problems, are some requirements expected from different parties. To minimize those environmental impacts the construction parties should make a detail feasible study about the overall environmental conditions of sodo town before they decided to start up any construction works.