Improving performance of LTE control plane


Bane Megha Raman
Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. Department
Rane Prajakta Santosh,Bane Raman Raghunath and Warawdekar Bhalchandra C
Computer Engg. Department, SSPM CoE, Kankavali


This Technological advancement in mobile networks like 4G has given us better quality as well as better bandwidth. This attracted more number of users or customers. But to satisfy the demands of these increased users, it generates higher load on core networks which becomes difficult to handle. It is difficult for mobile operators to scale the current Long Term Evolution (LTE) system resources because of complexity in the architecture and it is not flexible to modify. To address this issue this is proposal to improve the performance of the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) component of LTE network. We took help of Software Defined Networks (SDN) to solve this problem. SDN decompose the mobile data networks into control-plane and data-plane functions. In this paper, we are proposing the SDN-based performance improvement of Evolved Packet Core (EPC) component of Long Term Evolution (LTE). The control-plane and data-plane functionalities of EPC components are identified and OpenFlow protocol is used to establish a communication between them. We have implemented the core components of EPC namely, MME, HSS, SGW, PGW as control applications running over SDN controller and data plane of the network is build with Openflow.