Incidence of fistula subsequent to anal abscesses


Dr.Jabbar Ali Hussien, Dr. Majid Hamid Hussien
Almadain General Hospital / Ministry of Health / Iraq.


A prospective study about the incidence of fistula subsequent to perianal abscesses , the study included 216 patients admitted to AL-kindy general hospital from 2018 to 2020, all of them male persons. All the abscesses were managed by incision & drainage only 11 without prodding or exploration of anorectal area. The patients studied were classified into 3 groups to the incidence of occurrence of perianal abscesses: Croup 1 : patient with no pervious episode of anorectal sepsis, in those the incidence of fistula was 30.5 % Group II : Patient with only one previous episode of anorectal sepsis, in those the incidence of fistula was 72.2 % . Group III : Patients who did not get proper surgical treatment & the abscess opened spontaneously & all of them had simple perianal abscess, in those the incidence of fistula was 100 % . The study showed there is no need for rectal exploration in each & every case of anorectal sepsis at first encounter because only 30.5% of those patient will develop fistula , In addition to the risk to operate on such inflamed area & the anorectal exploration should be kept for patient seen for the second or third time with recurrence of anorectal or persistent anorectal fistula following incision & drainage.