Indian Rupee (INR) Currency Value Recognition Using Edge Detection and Pattern Matching Techniques.


Aravinda C.V
N.M.A.M. Institute of Technology Nitte, India.
Amar Prabhu G
Komatsu Kaihatsu Company, Japan.
Vishnu Sudeep
Komatsu Kaihatsu Company, Japan.


Currency denomination recognition is one the active research topics at present. There are many real-life applications which heavily use many techniques based on Pattern Recognition such as voice recognition, character recognition, handwriting recognition and face recognition. Paper currency recognition is a new application of pattern recognition. An efficient currency recognition system is vital for the automation in many sectors such as vending machine, railway ticket counter, banking system, shopping mall,currency exchange service etc. A successful approach for currency recognition depends upon feature extraction of that currency image. First the currency is scanned and preprocessing is done on input currency image. Then edge detection algorithm is applied to it. The purpose of edge detection in general is to reduce the amount of data in image, while preserving the structural properties for further use. The digits of currency like 10,20,50,100… are cropped, and the feature is extracted and stored in MAT file. If the features of test image is matched with that file, the software will return the class of that currency note. Experimental results are presented which show that this project can recognize Indian’s Currency successfully with an average accuracy of 94.72%.