Influence of Rural Electrification for Development of Quality of Life:A Preliminary Investigation


Anand Vijay Satpute, E. Vijay Kumar
Department of Electrical Engineering Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan University, MP, Bhopal-India.


Evaluating the importance of electricity in one’s life is the key to success. The present article brings light on the role of electrification not only for meeting the mere utilities but also on the enhancement of capability of rural people of India. Electrification can play a vital role in accelerating the quality of life of the people. Two villages in Nashik district within the state of Maharashtra have been taken for the qualitative evaluation. The study uncovered the fact that, electricity may be treated as a climacteric means to enhance people’s decisions and opportunities within the trailing of quality lives. In addition to this, it also uncovered that the advantages of electricity don’t seem to be uniformly benefitted all the families within the villages taken for the survey. Government policies for rural electrification should be backpedalled and the conventional definition of electrification in rural areas must be integrated with the scope of usage of solar photovoltaic. This article additionally suggests that the policies are to be made to increase easy access of electricity by rural people for adding values in their quality of life and enhancing their capabilities in present socio-political environment.