Informative Argument in Book of The Angel of Interpretation by Ibn Zubair Al-Gharnati


Dr.Rmayyed Mutar Hamad AL-Dulaymi, Professor, Noor Khalid Abbas, Assistant Teacher
College of Arts, University of Anbar, Iraq.


This study examines the testimonial arguments or the so-called transitional evidence, which is considered one of the most important types of arguments that Ibn Zubair Al-Gharnati addressed in the book of the angel of interpretation. We find that it was not limited to matters of religion and belief, but entered into the field of poetry, prose, and the rhetorical meanings it contained, in addition to that it modified the deceptive protest to improve the ugliness or the sanctification of good, and in spite of all this remains a kind of mental protest, especially in the innovative meanings from which the argument is extracted The transitional which contains a rational view of the meanings and expressions contained in the sentences containing this type of argument.