Intelligent Condition Monitoring Techniques for Early Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machines – A Review


Vinod Kumar, S.S Dhami
Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technical Teachers Training & Research, Chandigarh,160019, India.
Deepam Goyal
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chitkara University, Punjab,140401, India.


Condition-based maintenance is always an important strategy of maintenance to prolong the effective life of rotating machines as they run on high speeds with a variety of loads in some cases under severe conditions. If the monitoring of the current condition is not done accurately then rotating machines such as turbines, engine, bearing, shafts, gearbox, motors, and compressors leads to catastrophic failures with some serious consequences on the rate of production, safety, loss of manpower and sudden increase in repairing cost. Condition-based maintenance is also be called predictive type maintenance is a far superior technique as compared to preventive maintenance and run-to-break maintenance. In predictive maintenance current status of the machine while in operation, being monitored carefully and based on a brief analysis of the future condition of the machine predicted. This paper going to review the various intelligent condition monitoring techniques developed or used by various researchers to monitor the health of rotating machines and able to predict the faults at the earliest time.