Interpretation on Breast Cancer Image Data Received form Ultrasonography, Mammography and Magnetic Resonance


Madhavi Pingili, Research Scholar
Dept of Computer Science, MG-NIRSA, University of Mysore, India.
E G Rajan, Director, Professor
MG-NIRSA, University of Mysore, India.


In real time the Sonographer can do scanning, analyze, and describe to the best of accuracy dependent on their own insight. Here breast images are taken for research examination. Ultrasonography is an instrument used for breast imaging, where the sonographer makes some ongoing comprehension of the patient’s breast malignant growth status. Breast malignancy investigation is generally completed on scanned images, which are acquired utilizing either sonographic or mammographic imaging frameworks. Clamor evacuation methods must be utilized for expulsion of errors in the scanned images for better reports. For future investigation, the scanning strategy can be carefully recorded as a video or stills. In opposition to this strategy, one can also choose mammographic x-ray beam imaging and progressed radiological methods to get away from images of patient’s breast with the end goal of finding.