Investigating The Causes Of Accident In Construction Site In Wolaita Zone, Southern Ethiopia


Esubalew Tariku Yenialem, Lecturer
Department of Civil Engineering, WolaitaSodo university, WolaitaSodo, Ethiopia.
Wondemagne Tadesse Borku, Lecturer
Department of Construction Technology and Management, WolaitaSodo university, WolaitaSodo, Ethiopia.


Construction industry is an important part of the economy in most countries; often seen as a driver of economic growth especially in developing countries. Typically, construction industry contributes significantly to gross domestic products in most developing countries[3]. However, the construction site in Wolaita zone continues to fail to fulfill this fundamental role due to the increased accidents and health hazards. This paper explores the various safety and control measures (SCM) of accidents in building site to minimize accidents’ occurrence and consequent waste generation. A research thesis, consisting of a literature review and a field study were used to achieve the research objectives. The field survey involves a designed questionnaire that was administered through convenience sampling technique within Wolaita zone and descriptive analysis tools were used for the analysis. The field survey reveals different control measures in place and their rate of usage on building site. On the other hand, the literature survey sheds light on the types of accidents on building site and their respective control measures with methodologies for accidents’ preventions. Recommendations based on the findings of the two surveys are outlined in the paper. accidents are caused by a wide range of factors, some of which are: -Lack of awareness of safety regulations; Lack of enforcement of safety regulations; Poor regard for safety by people involved in construction projects; Engaging incompetent personnel; non-vibrant professionalism; Mechanical failure of construction machinery/equipment; Physical and emotional stress; and Chemical impairment Major causes of accidents identified in this research associated with construction projects include inadequate supervision, use of incompetent personnel and use of inappropriate construction techniques. Among the recommendations made for minimizing and/or avoiding re-occurrence of accidents are review of the existing regulations, enforcement, sensitization and training.