Investigation into the Behavioral Characteristics of Photovoltaic Cells using Matlab/Simulink.


Rachna Dhir, Anubha Gautam, Corresponding Author
Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty, J.C Bose University of Science and Technology, YMCA Faridabad.


Renewable energy sources are significant given their economic benefits, reduced carbon emissions, and contributions to energy security and sustainability. Solar energy holds significant importance among renewable energy sources for several distinctive reasons. PV systems when connected to grid enhance the stability of the electrical grid by offering a decentralized energy source. This paper provides a survey of the latest developments in PV cell technologies, encompassing a broad spectrum of innovations ranging from materials and designs to manufacturing processes. Further, understanding the PV-IV characteristics is fundamental in assessing the performance and efficiency of PV cells. This paper investigates the attributes of the photovoltaic, with an emphasis on P-V characteristics, and evaluates its performance in different input conditions. Modeling of typical photovoltaic cell under standard test conditions (STC) as well as different irradiations and temperature levels is done. In this paper, a single diode modeling of a PV cell is presented and a step-by-step simulation of a solar PV module in Matlab/Simulink is carried out. Different parameters are explored, and their impact on solar cells is represented through the visualization of I-V (current-voltage) and P-V (power-voltage) curves. By scrutinizing the IV characteristics, the research aims to gain insights into the efficiency, reliability, and overall performance of PV cells.