Investigation of AISI 1020 Carbon Steel and Monel 400 Dissimilar joints Produced by Friction Stir Welding


Mahmoud Abbas, M.Zaki,
Suez University . Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Dep. Assalam City, Suez, P.O. Box 43533, Egypt.

Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute (CMRDI) , Helwan, 11722 Egypt.

Nada Azab
Suez Oil Processing Company, Suez, P.O. Box 100 Egypt.


In the present work, the effect of friction stir welding with different rotating and traverse speeds on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Monel 400 and AISI 1020 carbon steel were investigated. The employed rotating speed changed from 200 to 400 rpm, whereas the traverse speed was 50 to 100 mm/min. Sound welds were obtained at the rotating speed of 200 rpm with the welding speed of 50 mm/min, while a groove-like defect was formed when the traverse speed exceeded 200 mm/min. Mechanical properties of the joints were then evaluated using tensile tests, impact tests, bending tests and micro-hardness at room temperature. Microstructure evolutions of welds were characterized using optical microscopy. Welds showed high tensile, impact and hardness results.