Investigation of Characteristics landfill leachate using Large Scale Lysimeter under Anaerobic Conditions


Esraa Q. Shehab, Zainab B. Mohammed, Assistant Professor, Mohammed Y. Fattah, Professor
Civil Engineering Department, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq.


Landfill behavior is dependent on the composition and characteristics of the region’s municipal solid waste (MSW) and environment conditions. In landfills that are difficult to understand, MSW undergoes several complex mechanisms such as physical, chemical, thermal and biological processes throughout its lifespan. In the present research, by setting up an anaerobic reactor, an attempt was made to understand such complex processes. The reactor was monitored for a total of 270 days under laboratory conditions, and the results obtained from the experimental program are presented and discussed in this paper. The program involves the monitoring by laboratory experiments of moisture content, pH, temperature, as well as physic-chemical characteristics of the leachate samples. The pH values observed were in the 5.8-7.9 range and indicate the achievement of the optimal condition for MSW degradation. MSW’s average volumetric moisture content and temperature were 53.03% percent and 30.7 Crespectively, indicating favorable conditions for microorganism growth. The results described in this paper could potentially be used in landfills to predict MSW behavior. The research also allows planners and engineers to consider the complex mechanisms for planning and running landfills efficiently for sustainable waste management.