Investigation On The Causes Of Distress Affecting Perfomance Of Asphalt Pavement


ZerihunBelayneh Woldesenbet, Resident Engineering
Oromia Health Bureau, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Mulugeta Regassa Yimam, Lecturer
Department of Civil Engineering, Bule Hora University, Blue Hora, Ethiopia.
Mengistu Mena Kuleno, Lecturer
Department of Civil Engineering, Wolaita Sodo University, Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia.


Flexible pavements are designed to serve a specified design period without significant failures, but once it was constructed and opened to traffic, after a few years, different types of distresses or damages are occurring. This study focused on the investigation of the causes of the distresses of the study area, which is affecting performance of the pavement. To do the study, a primary data survey performed directly in the field in order to identify, classify, and quantify the extent of defects/distresses. At the same location, samples collected and brought to the laboratory for testing to determine the engineering properties of soils, for both severely distressed and non-distressed sections. It was concluded from the results obtained that the road was constructed with materials with poor engineering properties compared with ERA standard, has lack of routine maintenance strategy and this created condition in which minor distresses expanded to be major distress for the road that highly hinder its performance.