Investigation On, The Effect Of Polypropylene Fiber And Waste Glass Powder On High Performance Concrete


Shivdayal Singh Rathore
Govt. Polytechnic College Bikaner (Tech. Education Department Rajasthan).
Dr. Amit Goyal, Dr. Sanjay Sharma
Department of civil engineering NITTTR Chandigarh.


The process of producing the concrete by utilizing the waste and end-production of different industries gives rise to a new concrete which is known as “Green concrete or Sustainable Concrete”. All the raw materials of concrete can be replaced either partially (at different proportions) or fully which ultimately improves the various properties and characteristics of concrete. In current experimental study work, an attempt has been made to replace the cement with waste glass powder to obtain sustainable concrete so that the environment and raw material can be saved. Glass powder in proportion of 4%, 8%, 12% and 16% was added to the concrete mix by replacing the cement along with the polypropylene fibre to enhance the tensile behaviour of concrete. It was concluded from the results that the concrete mix GP12 is the optimum concrete mix. GP12 having 12% Glass Powder and 0.5% PP fibre is recommended for future use to obtain maximum strength of concrete.