Invitro Antioxidant and Antibacterial analysis of Lagenaria siceraria peel


Tarunima.G,  Post Graduate, Dr.A. Dhinek, Associate professor
Department of Biochemistry, Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts & Science for Women, Coimbatore- 641044, Tamilnadu, INDIA.


The plant kingdom is a diverse kingdom in the world and most of the plants contain medicinal and pharmaceutical properties and wide range of uses in medicine, food and more. The unused parts of vegetable are the source of important phytochemicals like polyphenols, flavonoids, alkaloids, sugars, vitamins, minerals etc and have numerous pharmacological properties. The present study was carried out to screen the phytochemicals, free radical scavenging activity by DPPH method and antibacterial activity of 60% ethanolic extract of Lagenaria siceraria peel. All the analysis were carried out according to the standard methods. The 60% ethanolic extract of Lagenaria siceraria peel were screened for phytochemicals by standard procedures which revealed the presence of majority of secondary metabolites in higher concentration. The DPPH analysis of same extract shows that peel have more antioxidant activity at its highest concentration against standard L- ascorbic acid. The antibacterial activity by using well diffusion method shows a significant activity against the standard.